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Market Analysis Execution Plan

It’s not enough to go with your gut. To get ahead in today’s real estate market, you need to dig in and analyze every potential market, every neighborhood and every property. The good news? With these simple steps, it’s easier than ever.

Door Knocking Execution Plan

The ultimate how-to for leveraging the ultimate tried-and-true method for generating deals from thin air.

Bandit Sign Execution Plan

The bandit signs you see all around town? Those little signs are big business for wholesalers and rehabbers. Learn the secrets of creating and positioning high-converting bandit signs starting now.

Buying Foreclosure Auction Properties

If you know what you’re looking for and what you can—and should—pay, foreclosure auctions can be an incredible way to snag a great deal. Get the ins and outs of these competitive auctions so you can start generating revenue from foreclosures in less time.

Agent Enrollment System

A strong agent enrollment program is a turnkey way to fill your inbox with leads that match with your investing strategy. The best part? There’s no upfront out-of-pocket, no back-and-forth with sellers or agents and no heavy lifting—just endless opportunity.

Powering YOUR Weekly Marketing Machine

Building and scaling a successful real estate investing business takes daily commitment to ongoing marketing and lead gen tasks. This weekly approach breaks it all down, helping you navigate the week to week demands of your thriving business.

Building the Ultimate Cash Buyer List

The easiest and most effective ways to flip more deals? Find and engage the best cash buyers in the business. This simple approach will show you the secrets of building a powerhouse cash buyer list—a list that’s ready, willing and able to buy.

Structuring Property Scouts Execution Plan

Need help structuring your property scout program? From training to your unique value proposition for scouts, this how-to walks you through the best practices to build your program from the ground up.

How To Recruit, Train & Manage Your Property Scouts

Property scouts can drive motivated sellers and high quality leads to you fast. This guide breaks down the process, helping you find the best scouts and train them for success—because when they succeed, your business succeeds.

4 Steps for Evaluating & Choosing The Right Business Partner

Bringing on a solid business partner can take your real estate investing business to the next level. The key? Finding someone whose skills complement yours, and whose own goals and objectives are in-step. Here’s how…

The 6-Step Property Analysis Execution Plan

Not every deal is a good deal. So how do you cut through the clutter and determine which investments make sense? With this data-driven approach to analyzing any and every property fast.

Private Lending 101

Chances are you’ve leveraged private money and private lenders in your real estate investing business. But have you ever thought about becoming one? Discover the perks to making money as a real estate investor without finding, fixing or flipping anything.

The Ultimate Hiring Kit For Real Estate Investors

Scaling your real estate investing business means finding an experienced team who can get the job done—and sometimes that’s easier said than done. Learn how to hire like a boss, including finding, training and managing the best talent on the market.

Seller Lead Qualification Execution Plan

By understanding the three types of sellers and their unique motivations you’ll be able to invest your time smarter and more strategically while driving the best deals every time.

Leveraging Craigslist To Find & Close The BEST DEALS

Craigslist is an endless source of amazing deals — but there’s so much to weed through. The simple solution? Automate your Craigslist lead funnel and get targeted deals delivered to your inbox in real-time.

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